Inspiring Minimalist? Try Business Edited



Your business can prosper if the focus is always substance over size.

You don’t need an office you can barely afford just to look successful. The days of the McMansion are over and we’re entering a new era. More and more people are embracing minimalism and that’s impacting their businesses as well. It’s one of the reasons why working mobile is so attractive to many people.

We’ve seen the dark side of business and we’re looking for a new way. We want Business Zen.

Less Stuff, Space, and Energy

Hill is the founder of Treehugger, one of my favorite blog outlets. Hill is a self-described “serial entrepreneur”. After he sold Treehugger (to Discovery) he went on to find Life Edited, shows “how to design your life to include more money, health, and happiness with less stuff, space, and energy. It’s life. Edited.”

Along with a cool lifestyle blog, Life Edited designs extremely small livings spaces in urban areas. Hill lives in a 420 square foot apartment in New York City (see pics here). And while I find this fascinating on a personal level, I can’t help but see how this philosophy can impact my solo business.

Supersize is the Norm

Our culture is overwhelmed with “Supersized” drinks, mansions, and companies. Perhaps these influences have impacted our belief that bigger businesses are better. But this does not have to be the case.

If we focus on substance over size, sustainability over consumption, we can create a solo business that is efficient and profitable. This may seem entirely conceptual (and it is) but changing your philosophy from “Bigger is Better” to “Business Edited” will allow you more freedom, flexibility, and profit.

Living Business Edited

Here’re a few examples of how to live Business Edited:

  • Embrace technology that helps you integrate and organize (think iPad over PC’s)
  • Choose sustainable and local whenever you can
  • Create a leaner office space – learn more about sharing systems
  • Choose dual purpose items
  • Don’t purchase “stuff”  – purchase only what you truly need
  • Get rid of paper – bills, business cards, etc.
  • Learn to work mobile from anywhere

You may want to grow your business into a thriving company. And that’s a great goal. But the philosophy can be the same. Create a business based on substance over size. Bigger is not better. Become an expert in efficiency and embrace the less stuff, less overhead philosophy.

The Bottom Line:

Doing more with less is not new. Now that the rest of the world is embracing this ideal, learn from them. Create your own Business Edited plan, and increase profitability along with happiness.

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